Hello, I am Nostrovia! Poetry.  I’m an independent publishing press born October, 2011.  The exact date is unknown.  I am Father to traveling bookstore Books & Shovels, among other projects.  I publish to promote the usage of voice and cooperation between artists.  Organizing events, publications, and promotions, I devour passion hungrily to projectile vomit into the public’s eyes.

We’re in the peripherals.  We are in the Human Zoo.  We are sunlight of the Underground.




How can we implement Passionate Living, finding wonder in the world around you, when we are coerced into boxes of thinking and living that limit the capability to do so?

Sometimes Freedom you must steal for it to feel real.



NYC Poetry Festival
Radical Surrealists Hit the Streets
The Virus Is Silence
Midwest Small Press Festival
Snoetry Festival


The Virus Is Silence
Infiltrate National Poetry Slam
NYC Poetry Festival
Midwest Small Press Festival


Books & Shovels (traveling bookstore)
Fuck Art, Let’s Dance (e-zine)
W.I.S.H. Publishing (indie press)
The Traveling Poet (e-zine)
The Virus Is Silence (grass roots activism)

poetry's fault


  1. I hope to see this press grow into one of the most influential publishers of its time. Nostrovia! Poetry is an activist for passion as literature that pushes the ridiculous boundaries other artists, writers, publishers, trap themselves in

  2. This is a sweet nest, a nest that is sweet, I’ve stolen a twig or two, and some of that oh so soft stuff the hamsters use, to give to you, let the vomit project and turn into delightful crystallized garbage

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