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10 Things That Are Generally True About Writers

1)  Caffeine is a needed drug.  Long hours spent in front of the computer promoting, organizing, blogging, writing, website management, and the list goes on and on regarding the responsibilities a writer has, and the hours never end

2)  When our book comes out, we have edits we want to make.  A piece of writing is never done.

3)  We are never sure if the book we just finished is good or not, and even then, the opinion of whether your “child” is good or not is relative.  We are our own worst critics, and cut deep into our “writer Ego”

4)  People think you are strange.  Or at least people think some of us are.

5)  When you tell some one you just met is informed you are a writer, and they ask “Have you written anything I’ve heard of?”, it ends in awkward silence.

6)  Poets will always continue to write, even if the market is not as vast as romantic fiction or sci-fi.

7)  We are mentally incoherent the day before scheduled publication, and remain so afterwards.

8)  Many of our greatest ideas are ones we scribbled hastily at work, school, or came to us in a scenario where we had no way of writing the idea down and had to continue repeating the idea in our head until we reached a utensil with which to make notes.

9)  Every review, good or bad, is taken too personally.

10)  Writing is our passion, and we will never stop.



  1. I love this post! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love what you’ve got going on over here – perhaps I can link to some of your content from my own blog to help out our fellow kindred writing spirits! Best of luck and happy writing!

  2. DJ

    Right on, awesome!
    Thanks for checking out my blog this morning, the poem inspired by Jim Morrison’s An American Prayer, I’d love feedback or criticisms from you whenever you’re bored and wanna read some cool yet obscure poetry haha!

  3. You’re right…most of these are true. For me, especially #2 and #8. I’m getting better about #8, but I don’t think there’s a cure for endless edits.

  4. Laughing at number 5! When I mention I’ve written the first draft of a novel after months of hard graft, they casually ask when it’s getting published… as if it’s THAT easy! LOL!

    • Publishing is an endeavor more difficult than many realize. I didn’t even realize it until I started self publishing. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Cheers!

  5. Lol Love this! It’s so true, as you obviously know. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I hope you continue to visit and I would appreciate any comments, feedback, etc. Hopefully I’ll be able to start typing more again soon. God Bless.

  6. Hi Jeremiah. Very true. Thank you so much for nominating me for The Versatile Blogger Award. The Foureyed Poet.

  7. Paul J. Stam

    Thank you, Jeremiah, for visiting Paper, Mud and Me and liking “Restarting the New Year.” Hope to hear more from you.

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