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11 Tips To Write Effective Wordpress Blog Posts

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Why are my WordPress posts going unnoticed?

My new years resolution for this year was to improve my blogs’ post quality.  I’ve been doing some research into how to improve my blog posts, in order to drive more traffic to Nostrovia! Poetry and publish our poets to a larger audience.

Here’s what I found in my Internet-based quest:


11.  Concise Titles Are For Winners

Concise is defined by as, “expressing or covering much in few words; brief in form but comprehensive in scope“.  Look at the title I used, “11 Tips To Write Effective WordPress Blog Posts”.  It tells the reader exactly what the blog post is about right off the bat.

The post’s title features keywords as well, which we will focus on next.


10.  Keyword Rich Posts 

Keywords are important terms used frequently through your blog post.  These are the terms someone might type into Google, and boom, your blog post pops up in the search engine.

That is, if you’re using researched keywords, and depending on how competitive the usage of those words for search engine placement are.

When someone uses Google to search, “how to write effective WordPress posts”, this article shows up on the first page.  There’s a better chance this post will show up because I included keywords such as “effective” and “blog posts” throughout the post.  Keywords don’t guarantee that your post will be indexed by Google, but it certainly helps with your blog’s overall visibility in the search engine.

Make sure you don’t go over board with keywords.  It will kill your blog posts if you force terms, giving them a spammy appearance.

Use keywords naturally.  It’s about quality, not quantity.

This is all a part of SEO, or search engine optimization, an important part of blogging.  Aaron and Giovanna Wall wrote a great article on improving your blog’s SEO if SEO is a blank wall to you.


9.  Use Images In Your Blog Posts

A good blog post will catch the reader’s eye.  Images increase your post’s attractiveness.

Your goal is to get internet browsers to read your blog post, and hopefully buy your book, read your work, or share it around.  Images increase the chance of this happening.

The average Internet browser is a wild fire burning through web pages, not sticking around any for too long.  You need to catch their flames, and bundle their interests into a gasoline-drenched post.

Also, images will show up in Google Image searches, further building your blog’s visibility, offering some easy SEO improvement.

You know how when you upload an image to WordPress it asks for you to fill in title, caption, and alt text?  Use keywords.  This is a small bump of coke for your blog’s SEO.

My Name Is Not Bob, a writer’s blogging site, provides a great blog post about this.   You can learn from his post as an example of effective blogging techniques.


8.  Don’t Post Your Writing Scraps

If you post a poem on your blog, make sure it’s your best work.  Don’t just post throwaways.  Your blog is an extension of your name, as a writer.

If you’re saying to this, “I want to save my best work for publishers“, well, there’s always other blogs readers can visit to find great content.  You want visitors to think your content is great, share it, and return for more like hungry, underfed animals.

This applies to poems, short stories, articles, or anything you share on your blog.

7.  Link Often

Links, links, links, and more links.

Did you read a blog post relevant to the one your posting?  Provide an in-text link where it’s relative.  Google will be pleased with you.  Readers will be pleased with you.  If you have other blog posts relative to your current post, link to them.

Like with keywords, don’t go overboard, but link where it’s helpful to readers.


6.  Promoting Your Successful Posts

You should use social media to promote your posts.  If you don’t yet do this, read up on how to promote your writing with social media.  CopyBlogger offers some easy to digest posts on using social media to promote a blog.

Not all your posts are going to be successful, and some posts will flop, but  it’s a learning process.  The posts that are the most successful are the posts you promote the hardest.

You don’t want to promote all your posts multiple times on Facebook or Twitter, unless it’s a good amount of time apart from your last promotional effort, or relevant in a conversation.  Promoting all your posts again and again will simply drive readers away, rather attracting new ones.

You can hook up your Twitter and Facebook to your WordPress blog to automatically make posts, but if you want to add that personal touch to your posts, this is not recommended.

Building a social media presence, that’s recommended.


5.  Encourage Interaction

If you post a poem, short story, or a piece of writing, ask for other’s thoughts.

Be open to criticism though.

There are hordes of people looking to insult and brutalize others, there are trolls amassing in armies to bring down others.  Ignore those who don’t offer constructive criticism, as this is valuable, but ignore those who call you a “piece of shit writer“, and leave it at that.

Don’t fume, don’t dishearten, trudge on.


4.  Find Your Niche

My niche for Nostrovia! Poetry is to focus on promoting poetry to the youth through untradtional means.  My niche for W.I.S.H. Publishing is honest and accessible poetry.  For The Traveling Poet, it’s poverty, traveling, and young poets.

These are banners under which my projects operates.  Their target audiences can be determined from there.

Who are your readers?  What group of people are after what you have to offer?  What problems are you offering solutions to, or what information are you presenting?  What can you do to orientate your blog posts for this audience?

These are questions you should answer.

For example, I wrote a collection of poems titled Gatsby’s Abandoned Children.  This collection is available free online, and marketed to youth readers specifically, especially those struck with poverty, or are having struggles with living.

I discovered my niche for the publication, honed in, and jibber-jabbered away.

When posting about the collection, I’d use keywords targeted to what they’d search, and promoted to audiences interested in similar books.


3.  Keep Your Content Linked

You want to create content on your blog that goes viral.  In order to do so, you’re going to need content that’s shared outside your influence.

Every post you make won’t go viral, but if the virus does infect one of your posts, the post better be linked to you as a writer, other wise your content being shared around does you no good.


2.  Be Ruthless With Your Editing

Average online readers only give a few valuable moments before clicking away.  You want to catch their attention, then hold it.

That’s where ruthless editing comes in.  Trim the fat.  Brutalize your post.  Simplify.  Make sure everything in your post is relevant and useful.   If it’s not, get rid of it.


1.  Learn From Other Bloggers

Here are some blogs you can learn from.


    • No problem my friend. Keep it up! I intend to start making posts about blogging and promotion in order to help writers, authors, poets, bloggers, anyone involved with writing, improve their publicity. Cheers!

  1. Wow, thank you for deciding to follow my blog! Upon checking out yours in return, I came upon this article! Awesome! Those are some great tips that I mostly already follow!
    The one aspect that I don’t necessarily follow exactly is making sure my poems are absolutely perfect and edited. I edit my essays, but, for me personally, the majority of the poetry I write is free-verse and spontaneous. I just write what comes in my mind and edit it as I go. Sometimes I get criticism about it, and people don’t understand why I choose to write and format the way I do. However, it’s what I thought in the moment, and I try to stay as in the moment and raw as I can when I write. Some people like it, and some people don’t. But I just write what I feel. It’s really working out.
    I didn’t mean to turn this into such a long comment. Oops!
    Have a great day, and I’ll definitely follow your blog as well!

    • Thanks for the in-depth response. I agree, spontaneous poems that just sprout out of nowhere are valuable.
      A lot of my work, to reuse the term, “sprouts” this way, but then it’s time for me to water it. Many of the poems I’ve written I’ve left in the dust for months, only to pick it up again on a whim and begin editing once more. Letting something be and coming back to it helps take the edge off of the “writer’s bias”.
      I appreciate the raw feeling of some poems, and if what you’re doing is working, then by all means, keep doing it. Everyone has a different way of making things work. These are just general tips, not laws.
      Hope all is best! I’ll be keeping an eye on your blog to read some more of your work.

  2. I loved this. I definitely need to work on a few of these. I tend to just write and post. Especially since it is for more of an emotional release than writing…but I really do need to edit. Thank you!

    • Everyone has their own purposes and drives behind their blogs. These tips will help improve traffic and readability of posts, but if following these tips takes away from the emotional release aspect of your posting, feel no need to follow them. The emotional aspect of being able to vent and share with others is more important. The traffic and number of followers is second. This is only my opinion though, and you do as you feel you need to. Keep up the great posts! Cheers!

      • I agree. But there is something about my OCD that makes me feel I am connecting because of the numbers. It of course doesn’t mean that at all…the true connections are made with the people that comment 🙂

  3. re #7 I am not on twitter or facebook et al .This is because I do not want the superfluous and invasive traffic (gmail and wp only). Is that a correct understanding ? I am not selling anything(although will market paperback cartoon books this year) so don’t need elevendy million connections. I have 400 subscribers and the blog grows by at least 5-10 a week word of mouth and I am quite comfortable with that finite network..

    • I’ve made some wonderful connections over Facebook and Twitter. These are simply tools to promote with and build your project’s name, whether it’s a blog, publishing press, or book. If you begin selling products, I’d highly recommend using Twitter and Facebook, though everyone is entitled to follow their own opinions and decisions. If what you’re doing is working and your content, stick with it. Do as you have to do. Cheers!

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    • I’ve had my fun, but I’m done with psychedelics for a very long time. I appreciate the concern and warning though. The effects and ideas it can bring about can be positive and negative. LSD is a tool, and a tool that needs to be used with caution. Set and setting, set and setting, and again, set and setting.

      I do not encourage or reject others usage, only share my experiences.

  5. This is a great post…full of helpful advice which I should really follow….but probably I’ll just continue to stumble on blindly 🙂 thanks for the follow

  6. You make it all sound so easy! I’m still trying to figure out what SEO is! lol
    I’ve been exploring and quite like what I’m finding here. Thanks a bunch for following my blog, too!

    • I’m glad you enjoy! If you ever have any questions, I’d be happy to help. I’m no expert, but I know enough to do what needs to be done. Cheers!

  7. Great points! I am honored that you have signed up to follow my blog! Thank you! I hope you enjoy cruising around my site! – B

  8. It is helpful to be reminded of how to improve blog writing…thanks. Also, for coming by and the “like”!

  9. Very helpful info even for not new bloggers. Didn’t realize how helpful filling in the data on an image could be or even links although I use them both.

  10. Thanks for great information! Am always looking for ways to improve my blog. Thanks for liking my post and also for the follow!

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  13. Thanks for visiting and following my blog. I find your tips very helpful.
    I got a good laugh out of your “10 Things That Are Generally True. About Writers”. So true! I get my inspiration from God through
    His Holy Spirit. The word just flow.

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  15. Hi, I’m a writer based out of Praden, Switzerland and I discovered your site via Do you have any suggestions for up-and-coming writers? I’m
    hope to fire up my own site soon but I’m a bit lost on everything. Do you believe I should start off with a free site like WordPress or shell out some cash into a pay site? I’m facing quite a few options and it’s all so overwhelming… Any tips?

    • I’d recommend having a personal blog to share your writing / ideas with. Get a hang for optimizing your blog, SEO, etc, and then fire up a nice website to share your “portfolio” with.

      Offer guest posts as well, and offer to do guest posts for other blogs. Networking with like-minded writers is extremely important to share resources and mutually gain.


  16. It was a very nice discription about how to write a nice and effective blogs for poet and are very helpful for me thanks for sharing this blog

  17. We have recently launched free classified site & now looking to generate traffic. Found your article so useful. Thanks & keep writing.

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