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10 Useful Blogs for Self-Publishers

blogs for self publishers

“I’ve written a book… I’ve made a blog… Now what the hell do I do?”

In no particular order, here are some useful blogs for publishers, indie authors, and writers in general.  There is a vast array of topics covered here, but all are relevant to the self-publishing author.

These bloggers will help you sharpen your voice and game.

10.  30 Day Books

This blog is top notch for the aspiring author.  It provides information ranging from making the most of your book signing, to marketing, to book binding.

9.  Book Making Blog

The title says it all.  I’ve used this particular blog while learning to produce books.

8.  The Creative Penn

The Creative Penn helps you grow as a writer, how to write press releases, and other topics that arch over the theme of “self-publishing”.  What I like about this blog is that it offers tips on the actually writing process, and not just publishing.

7. The Future of Ink

The Future of Ink deals specifically with online publishing.  This is personally one of my favorite resources.

6.  The Book Deal:  An Inside View of Publishing

Alan Rinzler’s blog discussing the always-evolving publishing industry.

5.  A Newbies Guide To Publishing

Joe Konrath, a self-published writer, shares his experiences and what he’s learned over his years of publishing.

4.  Marketing Tips For Authors

This is an aspect of self-publishing many talented poets and writers we haven’t heard of (there’s a reason we haven’t heard of them) neglect.  Don’t think that if you’re being traditionally published you won’t need this information though.  If you don’t learn to market your work, chances are you’ll be washed away in the tide of books published each year.  Marketing is an important step for all writers venturing into publishing.

3.  BiblioCrunch

This blog provides solid information on the publishing process, and gives some great ideas on how to get your writing career started.

2.  Self Publishing Review

This site gives you news of the self publishing world, and provides a social network for self-publishing writers and potential readers to connect.

1.  The Book Designer

Need help designing your book?


And a bonus resource…

0.  DIY Book Creation

This is not a blog, but extremely useful.  The article provided displays a comprehensive list for self-publishers when it comes to getting your book made.  It explains multiple ways how you can do it yourself, or higher someone to.  The DIY method is time consuming, but cheap, and the best part is that you are in complete control of how your book looks as a final product.



    • If you found this useful, my mission was accomplished. I’m hoping a lot of people find use out of this post, and the valuable resources available to publishers. Cheers!

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