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Writing advice that doesn’t want to be labeled writing advice

“we cannot promise you your book will sell well, even if you follow all the tips in this guide. In fact, most books, both traditionally published and self-published, don’t sell well. Whether your book is intended to inspire, inform or entertain, millions of other books and media forms are competing against you for your prospective reader’s ever-shrinking pie of attention.”

(From Smashwords — Smashwords Book Marketing Guide – A book by Mark Coker – page 7.)

No one knows where the next hit is coming from.  Writing is subjective.  There are things you can do to improve your writing skills, but you have to compete with all other forms of media to get “your hit” out there.

If you’re writing to create a bestseller, good luck.  It’s not likely.  Breaking into that zone takes an odd, constantly-morphing concoction of skill, talent, and luck.  There is no direct formula for success.  A lot of writing advice is thrown around because something worked for them.  That something may not work for you.  Plough your own way through the meadows of the world, and learn from your own mistakes.

Grow as a writer and grow as a person.

This isn’t direct advice on writing, but it is a suggestion to develop your own methods of success, regarding writing.  It’s writing advice that doesn’t want to be writing advice.




  1. I don’t think there could be better advice than that. We must write because that is what we are born to do, create out of your own desire not the desire for success and fame. I know that I want to make a living being a writer, but for now I am just glad I can share what I love with whoever may hear me…thanks for the great post reminder!

  2. jemurr

    Good post. In this day and age it is so much easier for people to make their own media, from books to comics to movies and even video games. That is really cool and everything, but the flip side to that is there’s so many people doing that. So anything you do has to stand out amongst all that plus all of traditional media. I’ve done and continue to do self publishing. I love it, but the truth is it’s absolutely brutal. Anyone going into it needs to be aware of that.

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