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5 useful Facebook groups for poets and writers

Make sure to follow group policies, and post relevant content.  Being labeled a spammer is counter-productive.

1. Call For Submissions

I’ve been a part of this group for a while in order to promote WISH Publishing, Nostrovia! Poetry, The Traveling Poet, and Underground Books’ submission calls. A lot of great opportunities are shared here. Poetry, fiction, and art submission calls are made here.

2. Poets & Writers

This group is very large compared to others of its types. This a great place to share your poems, promote your blog/website, and gain new fans.

3. Writers Helping Writers

A group focusing on sharing information and “how to”s. A good place to learn from more experienced writers, publishers, and marketers.

4. Writers’ Group

A decent sized group with an active community backing it. This group has similar intent as Writers Helping Writers.

5. WISH Publishing / Underground Books

This group was originally InkBlot/Nostrovia! Poetry, but since both publishers have shut down, WISH Publishing and Underground Books have taken over the scene. All forms of creative art (graffiti, web design, writing, sculpting, etc) are accepted here, but the primary focus is literary arts. Come join and promote yourself!



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