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Top Lit Mags that REALLY do publish emerging writers

This list is of quality literary magazines that truly do publish emerging writers, versus just saying they do. New England Review, Georgia Review, and Baltimore Review are among those listed.

If you’re aiming for the highball, Michael Chaney’s list is worth poking around through. If he missed any, post them in the comments section below! I’m a poet looking for places to submit to.

To add a couple names to this list, I’d include WordRiot and Rattle. Both are amazing publishers, and have a good-sized audience, craving your thought-scribbles.



If you appreciate this article…

I  am thrilled to have contributed to a collage and lyric graphic artwork, published in Redivider and New Delta Review, Biography of the Blade Back Girl. It’s in the form of a small e-book. Please check it out if you like the info below. Thanks.



Baltimore Review It is always nice to see a prestigious journal publish fresh, new voices. Such is the case on a routine basis for the Baltimore Review. Most recently, you can check out Priyatam Mudivarti’s “Blue Flame.”  It’s a beautifully weird and hauntingly rich story about aging, photography, and death:

At ninety-two, when I close my eyes and suck my breath, I see fire and ash, playing in smoke.

At the count of one hundred: a mountain, the remains of the cut down trees, a man with a beard and without any clothes, rotting under his limbs.

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