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the useless manifesto

Art, photography, poetry, all of this joins together for a weird orgy we call Unlikely Blond (UndergroundBooks)

unlikely blond:)

All poems that are good are useless.

a useless poem can’t be properly “consumed”

There is something lodged in the reader’s throat.

a failure



in the womb of capitalism

My daughter’s ponies covered in glitter.

probably lead.

One day we will all be dead and completed

but a useless poem lives on, like some highly radioactive substance

“What Does it Mean to Consume a Word”?

a consumption of words, lists are popular

alas TO POEM  is in some way a spiritual activity

an atheist a boring ass poet does make

to consume: each word can be accurately related to its meaning

The Glitch of Ambivalence: Poetry

or “GOD”

where “knowing” is impossible

“Three Degrees of Taste”

Thus we can conclude that the business of poetry is

a revolutionary Act against The consumable properties of Life as Usual!

All persons have their most important documents read:


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Jeremiah Walton is wary of writing a bio. Learning vulnerability on social media. Learning to let the poems shut up & listen. New shit coming soon. Thank you.

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