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Isaac Kirkman – The Martyr From Nowhere

The Last Ancients

2014 is the year of the nobodies.

Isaac Kirkman is a founding member of the Low Writers collective, a member of The Last Ancients, and The Southern Collective Experience, and an affiliate writer for Zelmer Pulp Press.

Born in Greenville, South Carolina, Isaac Kirkman is a poet who developed his writing style thru the streets.  He spent part of his youth in Sicily, and the other part in the American Hospital system, where he was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

A brilliant poet asked me what universities I came through.

I thought about her question and replied. None. No college. No MFA. My style comes from the streets and was refined at The Writers Studio Tucson.

When my fellow writers were in high school, college, and MFA programs I was in the streets, or in the hospital. My voice is hard-knocks, and humbleness. I’m very private, and only a trusted brother with the creative genius that Ezra Letra has, could get me to open my house to film a short documentary about my life.

The Tucson Branch of The Writers Studio was founded by 2008 Pulitzer Winner Philip Schultz in 1987.  The Writers Studio helped him develop what Kirkman dubbed ‘Holy Noir– super-lyrical, socially conscious, Chillwave/Dreampop-style crime fiction‘.

Ezra walked the streets and interviewed me all day, and he’s has spent the past few months editing all that footage into a 20 minute cinematic-poem.”

Any further introduction to Kirkman’s poetry and life would be a shortcoming.

Ezra Letra Films presents: Nobody Documentary 

Nobody Ep 01: Isaac Kirkman



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