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What does “nostrovia” mean?

“Nostrovia” is an English mispronunciation of the Russian word “Na Zdorovie”. Outside of Russia, Na Zdorovie is commonly known as a drinking toast.

Na Zdorovie (Naz-dro-vyeh) means “You are welcome”.

Nostrovia is modern slang for “let’s get drunk” and “let’s drink”. More commonly though, it is just used as a simple drinking toast, such as “to your health!” or “cheers!”.

Nostrovia to writing!

Cheers to you!



  1. Don

    Odd. I recently drank with Russians, and they said this was the Russian equivalent of cheers

  2. Rod

    My wife is Russian and I read this short description to her and she said this is exactly right. Even some Russians wouldn’t say Na Zdorivie as “you’re welcome” and the more common use is the cheers version but the way this is described is very much correct. Thx for explaining it, as some Russian to English translations are strange bcz of such a cultural difference. Russia was more or less cut off from the rest of the world for centuries and even sense of humors are so different. …Na Zdorivie! 🙂

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