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The Daily Prompt – Week 11 [NSFW]


[Not Safe For Work]

The writing prompt this week is gruesome.  The Aokigahara forest, or Sea of Trees, is a popular suicide location in Japan.  It lies at the base of Mount Fuji, and is littered with corpses of the desperate.

About 100 suicides occurred there every year until 1998.  The number is growing considerably.  In 2010, 247 suicides were recorded.

There are signs with up-beat messages of hope to discourage the suicidal from taking their life, but all the same, it remains an area of high suicide concentration.

There is a way out, but it is not on our own.

The prompt this week is the forest itself.  I’ve included images below, and a video, to provide visuals.  Please be respectful, and write your heart to explosion.

WARNING:  Below are images of suicide victims’ corpses.  Do not scroll further if you do not want to see the photographs.

japanese suicide forest japanese suicide forest1 japanese suicide forest2 japanese suicide forest3



Remember, please be respectful.

Post your thoughts and links to your responses below.



    • Some of the pictures I saw were much more disturbing than what I provided. I hope this helps produce some insightful poems from our writing community. Cheers!

  1. Melanie Dunbar

    Sea of Trees

    What restrains me from
    warping the loom of the wind?
    My toes dare the weft–
    Trees, branches woven with limbs
    of desperate souls.

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