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A joyfully infuriated publishing rocket ship

poetry's fault

*May I have your attention please, may I have your attention please. Passenger one has boarded. Stewardess, bring me my cocktail. This ship is taking off.*

Nostrovia! Poetry has been preparing the past four months to relaunch itself, an angry publishing monster of passion eating my sleep, and the sleep of others.

With a team of wonderful editors now backing it, Nostrovia! Poetry has resumed its Monthly Contest, putting out chapbooks, and sinking it’s teeth into innovation and creativity.


  • Promote passionate living and creating for self through poetry.
  • Other people’s ideas of poetry don’t necessarily fit with what we want to do, and we’re going to do some beautifully weird things.
  • The virus is silence, we must be loud.
  • This is much bigger than us. The only way this can be successful is looking at the whole and saying, “we are working for something far more important than just us”.
  • There are days success simply means not giving up. Poets, don’t give up.
  • Promote living vs making a living. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE? GO DO THAT! Death is on the heels of all of us, give him a damn good run for his money.


We are by poets, for poets.  We are established through community.  Poetry is not dying.  The creative arts, including poetry, are thriving.

We’re illustrating that by taking the 21st century poets and plopping them in front of an audience.  We are building a community with passion, pushing creativity like the most forward drug dealer you’ve ever met.


  • Internet Chapbooks (books available as websites)
  • Fuck Art, Let’s Dance (a new ezine)
  • Interviews
  • Creative Reviews
  • Free Education Resources
  • Author / Poet Resources
  • Street Art Publication


  • Monthly Contest
  • Nano Poem Collections
  • Poetry to the Streets / The Virus Is Silence
  • Our children (W.I.S.H. Publishing / The Traveling Poet) are being remodeled

We’ll be hitting the 2014 NYC Poetry Festival once again.  In April, we will be holding the Poetry to the Streets project in celebration of National Poetry Month.  Split This Rock, a D.C. poetry festival will be infiltrated.  We have a lot planned.  A mobile bookstore.  New chapbooks.  New poets.

New voices.

New ways to be heard.

Come say hello.



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