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Cypher Lunch by Ezra Letra

Cypher Lunch
by Ezra Letra

We ate bread and mayo sandwiches
with sour cream and onion chips
crushed into dust as our meat layer.
Four of us, in a cypher, taking turns
saying grace – this shit is the bomb.
Sixteen ounces of fruit
punch waterfall down to
our stomachs.

After the feast, we played
Manhunt, religiously,
while our fathers
got drunk in front
of the apartments
while they were supposed
to be supervising.

from When La Migra Stopped Coming (Nostrovia! Poetry)


Ezra Letra is a man with many muses: Writer, photographer, rapper, and director. He is the son of Colombian immigrants, and his art is a blend of street, scholar, and spiritual. Ezra received a 2014 Top-10 album of the year nomination in the Tucson Weekly. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in University of Arizona Press, Red River Review, Out of the Gutter, Nostrovia!Poetry, Literary Orphans, and Gutter Books LLC. Born and Raised in Queens, New York City, Ezra now lives in Phoenix with his family.
He kicked off Nostrovia!’s Internet Chapbook series with his title, When La Migra Stopped Coming.  

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  1. melanie dunbar

    Ok, what does this mean??? At the end they are playing Manhunt…is that the same manhunt that you thought Joel was referencing?  I don’t need to know what is is exactly




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