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5 Encouraging Social Networking Sites for Writers

Let's be social.

Let’s be social.

Facebook and Twitter are used by many authors, but here are some less conventional gems that can help you grow in your craft, and make the required connections to push your literary career further.

A popular community for writers I’ve used in the past.  There’s expert articles, groups to join, and a good amount of traffic flowing through here.  Many writers here are willing to exchange and provide feedback.

A social networking community that is for poets and writers to showcase their writing and exchange criticism.  The site offers online portfolio creation, contests, and a diversity of forums.  

Originally, this site isn’t the best organized.  It’s a mixture of old and new technology, being one of the oldest networking sites the internet has to offer.  Worth looking into though, as its age does imply traffic and experienced users.

So damn useful.  I’ve been using this before I started blogging or publishing.  This subreddit is wonderful, full of useful advice, and a lot of great information.  This is a subforum of the website Reddit.

With over 20 million readers, this site is massive.  Add your books, review others literature, link up your blog and Author profile, etc.  This is a great site for obtaining reviews and building your fan base.

Other networking sites that are useful include LinkedIn, Google+, and Tumblr.  Social medias and forums are tools for writers to establish themselves within literary communities with regular readerships.

Here’s where you connect with me, and join my networks:





Share your favorite places to network with other writers below in the comment section!  The list above isn’t comprehensive, and it’s you guys who can help make it that.  Cheers!


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