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5 Important Pointers For Bloggers

Bloggers, this is for you, to help you build a good relationship with your readers, and other bloggers.  These pointers aren’t everything about blogging, but they’re a good start on picking up where many don’t.

"I blog, therefor I am."

“I blog, therefor I am.”

1. Are you consistent?

In order to keep traffic flowing in, publishing new posts regularly is important.  New posts keep subscribers coming back, and new readers coming in.

Over flowing your readers with blog post after blog post?  No.  That’s not a good idea.  Decide a certain flow to your blog, and hold it.

Avoid being a waterfall, be a beautiful blogging stream.

2.  Not all traffic is equal

Some people will visit your blog for 15 seconds, and click that dreaded *back* button.  Readers who stumbled upon your blog via social media are generally guilty of this.

Visitors from search engines, that’s different.  That means they came looking for something specific that your blog is offering.  They are much more likely to stick around, dig the scene, click that wonderful *share* button, and help boost your blog’s post.

3.  Chase after repeat visitors

So you’re blog is booming.  You’re obtaining high levels of traffic (don’t expect it to stay that way, as traffic regularly fluctuates), but how many of these visitors will return?

Sure, a high number of individual visitors is great, but you want to make sure you’ve snared them to come back.  Repeat visitors have a higher turn over rate for sales, and sharing your posts.  They trust your blog, so they returned.

4.  Don’t ignore tiny fish, they can still add up and feed you

Not every source of traffic will send you hundreds of visitors, but that doesn’t mean they should be disregarded.

Forums are an example of this.  They don’t send huge amounts of traffic, but they still have their place.  Participate in relevant forums, and links useful to the forum’s readers.  Readers will have a feel for who you are before visit, and be more likely to become repeat visitors.


Develop friendships with other bloggers, talk to other professionals, learn from others, exchange ideas, guest post, and the list of networking opportunities goes on.  LinkedIn is one valuable form of networking, hell, even Facebook and Twitter can be used to network.

Be willing to help others, as this will build blogging relationships and allies in the War to be Heard Above Everyone Else.


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