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8 Self-publishing Platforms

"You listen to me book... you're supposed to self publishing!  Get out there!"

“You listen to me book… you’re supposed to self publish! Get out there!”

Self-publishing is a crash course in how to smash your face against the internet without knowing if you’ll make it out alive.  I prefer the D.I.Y. route when it comes to publishing, or at least being involved with the press publishing my book.

I’m not saying if City Lights Book Store came knocking, I’d send them away.  Absolutely not, I’d be ecstatic, but I’d want to be involved as much as possible with the publishing process, and make a point to push for it.

If you’re an author taking the route of self-publishing, unless your book binding everything yourself, and sliding your titles into bookstores shelves with price tags from other books slapped on them *ahem*, you might want to look into these.

Kindle Store’s self-publishing dashboard. Your book will be offered in the largest e-book catalog, available on many devices for users in over 100 countries, and eaten by a shit-storm we call Amazon.

A popular multi-channel digital publishing solution. Publish a book at Smashwords and it will be available at Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Sony eBookstore, Diesel and iBookstore.

More than 40,000 books have published through Smashwords.

I upload most of my books to Goodreads after publication.  Since almost all my ebooks are free, I upload the entire text to Goodreads so it can be read onsite.

The social networking aspect is what really cinches the deal though, allowing you to solicit and exchange reviews with similarly interested authors and readers.

If you’re on Goodreads, come connect with me and Nostrovia! Poetry.

Nicknamed the “YouTube for documents”, Scribd is the biggest social networking site for book sharing, in PDF or txt formats.  I use this to embed Jogs published at W.I.S.H. directly on the website.

Barnes & Noble’s self-publishing platform.

Use this extended procedure to get published exclusively in Apple’s iBookstore.

This is a simpler and quick way to obtain publication, though they are pricey if you’re printing through them.

I had a brief experience with Lulu, and opted out, using the two options below to promote free publications and take advantage of new social networking opportunities.

None of these platforms guarantee success. Only a gooey string of events, dedication, and luck can do that.

Cheers!  Nostrovia!


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