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Hitchhiking poems across the Internet

The Traveling Poet is sticking it’s thumb back out and seeking literary rides across the internet.

the traveling poet

A son of Nostrovia! Poetry, The Traveling Poet has the following message for you:

Hello.  I am The Traveling Poet.  I hitchhike around the internet seeking experiences.  I am habitually bored with much of the literature I stumble through, and seek innovation, extremists, those who are not afraid to cut themselves open for what they love.

I am a publisher of poets ages 12-25, and articles regarding traveling with holes in your pockets.  I also seek cultural rants and despise elitists.

I do not romanticize the road’s freedom, but do encourage others to grow through pushing their personal boundaries.

The Traveling Poet is managed by founder Jeremiah Walton and new hitchhiker Scott-Patrick Mitchell.  Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis, and publishing will resume October 1st, 2014.

Poetry is only accepted from poets ages 12-25, but photography, articles, and art are accepted from all ages.  There is a special interest in traveling, especially hitchhiking and train hopping, but all topics and interests are welcome in submissions.



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