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Raccoons are not too intoxicated to tear down a building

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We are organizing in mass to be a force that will be destroyed before the Enemy even knows we are there.  Who aroused the riot of Runt Raccoons everywhere?  Who pushed us to stick our tongues in cracks in the system?

The Bosses we can’t get off our backs.  The bang bang and ratatatat of police militarization.  The War on Drugs.  The rejection of Sincerity, the rejection of Love.  The abuse of our Human Confusion for Profit.  The destruction of counter cultures that could count.  The revitalization of New York City.  Racist fingers pointing at their distant brothers with fury.

If we cut you open, your insides would look mushy and red like mine.

Runt Raccoons are those hungry to steal freedom so it can be felt rather than advertised.  To eat it up and devour the air like a trumpet.

We are the cracks in the side walk.  Irrelevant.  Bored and brave.  Observers of the Human Hurricane, our eyes just as weak and involved as anyone else.

Everyone we meet is someone new to Love, to share Experience with, to watch the Hurt of Living, and Keep on Existing.  We drink and smoke and dance and create to find truth in Human Life.

We offer nothing but Love and Confusion.


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