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With no bra on

She Says
by Ben John Smith

She says

“You always want every one to die at the end of the movie,
it’s like you only want bad things to happen.
People don’t always get what they deserve
and not every one has to pay for their mistakes
with their lives!”

She says this as she frees herself from the blanket
and holds the red wine tumbler above her head.

With no bra on,
one of her nipples is exposed from the under hang of her arm pit.
She pulls the single strap of her g-string from her ass crack

and runs her hands through her hair,

each finger separated by a smooth clump of dark brown.

I had put my knee through the plaster on the roof
a few weeks earlier installing some down lights
and as the wind rattled the house frame,
a shimmering mist of white plaster dust fell from the crack
and settled on top of her head.

She was drunk enough not to notice and to be fair,

it didn’t matter any way.

But sweet lord she looked beautiful.

All a man needs is a good woman,
that’s it.

That’s the only thing that matters.

All a good woman needs

She comes home
and I’m watching two men suck each
other off on tv

it’s a movie called
“Strangers By The Lake”

and it has subtitles so
it must be art.


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