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The Traveling Poet

Hello.  I am The Traveling Poet. I was born August 2013, fathered by Nostrovia! Poetry.  W.I.S.H. Publishing is my big brother, and Books & Shovels, a traveling bookstore, is my little sister.

I work to provide publication to youth writers and poets.  Hitchhiking and rubber tramping interest me.  I’ve been on the road off and on over the past year, and am excited to share my experiences with you.

-The Traveling Poet

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My child, The Traveling Poet, has re-opened to submissions.  Why is The Traveling Poet special?  Why should I care about his hitchhiking across News Feeds and internet trends?  Because The Traveling Poet focuses on the next generation of writers, the people who will take our places as the next indie presses, the next Underground mantles, the next Shovels working to bring sunlight to literature and art.

The Traveling Poet accepts poetry submissions from poets ages 12-25.

Artwork, photography, and cultural / traveling articles accepted from people of all ages.

Read his submission guidelines before submitting, or he won’t pick you up for the adventure.

We want the words of the youth.  We want the words of travelers.  Be outlaw, be jovial, humorous and sexual.  Fire and freedom.    Objective poems written about traveling and being on the road are especially appreciated.  No Allen Ginsberg re-enactments please.

The Traveling Poet is headed by Jeremiah Walton and Scott-Patrick Mitchell.



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