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Nostrovia! To Do List

Under Nostrovia!’s Umbrella:

  1. Redeveloping the N!P site to centralize its projects & make navigation easier
  2. Hosting 2 monthly open mics & readings in Tucson, AZ / Prepping for 2015 NYC Poetry Festival
  3. Preparing to finalize & launch Nostrovia! Tavern w/ Christopher Morgan & Beach Sloth
  4. Organizing skill share publications & resources for free education / aspiring artists & publishers
  5. Lovin away

It’s taking time due to being confined to library computers / monetary issues, but the pieces are falling into place. Our primary focus over 2015 will be cultivating community & organizing projects to promote Passionate Living > Making a Living. Much of this jazz will be going live by the end of March.



Jeremiah Walton was born February 12, 1995.  He is founder / manager of Nostrovia! Poetry, W.I.S.H. Publishing, and traveling bookstore Books & Shovels.  Jeremiah featured at the 2013/14 NYC Poetry Festivals, 2014 Snoetry Festival, This Is Poetry (Punk Hostage Press), and on street corners across the country.  Walton’s most recent collection of poems is #RuntRaccoonRevolution, a collection of poems that eats craw fish, frogs, and your trash.  Support this raccoon’s eating habit by purchasing the collection through Bottlecap Press.


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