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#9 – Three Poems – Sam Sax

my teeth are mine. felt them rise up under my tongue.
wisdom came last. replaced each tiny forbearer.



This week, Drunk in a Midnight Choir celebrates our One Year Anniversary! Since we launched on February 6, 2014, we’ve had the great privilege of publishing a whole lot of amazing work, from a wide array of talented contributors. All week, we’ll be catching you up on some highlights from the last year. Here we present to you the top ten most-read posts of the year, counting down from ten.

TEETH how elegant, the disarticulated human skull where steel makes one fused bone many. the mandible is a planter’s box outside my cold room in ohio: the converted nursing home where old folks from poland and romania are all now trapped in the lights or trapped in the white paint. * antique sciences of the mouth can teach the history of science more than anything about the mouth. for centuries lancets and leaches were used on infant gums to assist…

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