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Walking Is Still Honest Press & The Southern Collective Experience

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Walking Is Still Honest is up & running with new spine. The initial domains acquired to manage the website expired.  I’m currently writing this in Tucson, Arizona, where Nostrovia! Poetry has been hosting shows, is preparing for the 2015 NYC Poetry Festival, and relaunching its love.  There’s a lot of pancakes stacked here.  Having gotten off the road recently, the financial stability of work has eluded me, and we did not have the funds for a new domain.

Yet, Walking Is Still Honest Press is alive & kicking, thanks to the assistance of The Southern Collective Experience, who stepped forward to purchase a new domain for us, and joined on board with the project.  For that, we are grateful.  W.I.S.H. is still a sub project of Nostrovia! Poetry, but is now under the protection & guidance of a grounded publishing press that isn’t managed out of a frame pack while the founder is tramping around.

If you have you haven’t checked out The Southern Collective Experience, we strongly urge you to do so – for all great things should be shared.

Within W.I.S.H., the role of Managing Editor now belongs to poet & creative lover Holly Holt, who has also brought on Sosha Pease to assist – a poet affiliated with The Southern Collective Experience. Founder Jeremiah Walton will remain on board with W.I.S.H..  Editor of the monthly zine & poet hunter John Thomas Menesini, a New York City word slinger.  There is strength in number, especially when a powerful force rests behind it.  Teamwork is vital for success – and that’s what we have here.

We love imagery.  We love cut throat honesty.  We want you to tickle our bellies, teach us to love with our lungs, and show us what it means to hold your rib cage to a higher standard than an ego.  We are open to & reading submissions 24/7.  Shoot us your mouth/pixel/heart-words.

With love, respect, and hope,

-Jeremiah Walton, Holly Holt, John Thomas Menesini, Sosha Pease & those (doing their best to be) walking honestly 


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