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Chasing the serpent of Route One

Books & Shovels journeyed from Tucson, A.Z., up to the Grand Canyon, and through to Las Vegas, N.V..  From Vegas, we shot to the Bay Area, roaming around the passion & fire of Oakland, swept up in May Day protests, kicking it with open minded creatives, from gutter punks to poets in ties.

We departed the Bay Area after meeting with Nostrovia!’s Chief Bartender & Chapbook Editor, Christopher Morgan, creating plans for the 2015 N.Y.C. Poetry Festival and Books & Shovels 2nd venture along the West Coast, from Southern California to Northern this round.

Along Route One, we went thru Santa Cruz, Moneterey, Carmel, into the beautiful wordly depiction of imagination, Big Sur, down into the crowded desolation of Las Angeles.  We transitioned overnight from sleeping in the back of a truck in downtown L.A. to drinking wine in a 1.6 million dollar home in Orange County.  We were beyond out of place within the community, but hell, we had a great time in those bubbles and free styling.  Neeko + Sam + Hapgood + I all shot towards Redlands, crossing towards California’s deserts for the first time.

I write this in Tucson, A.Z., a home we found unexpectedly during the past couple thousand miles.  Driving back to Tucson felt more like going home than heading back to my New Hampshire roots.  I write this in a downtown cafe under dim lighting, coordinating Books & Shovels’ next tour route, solidifying shows & features, and prepping for our cross country rush from Beast Crawl Literary Festival in Oakland to the N.Y.C. Poetry Festival.

It’s good to be back in the desert.  We’ll be posting a moderately concrete tour route within the upcoming weeks before our departure to the highways at the crack of June.


books and shovels

Oakland family

jeremiah walton

The Grand Canyon was meant to be viewed upside down

grand canyon jeremiah walton

books and shovels

Montery, CA

traveling bookstore books and shovels

Carmel, CA

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Jeremiah Walton is wary of writing a bio. Learning vulnerability on social media. Learning to let the poems shut up & listen. New shit coming soon. Thank you.

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