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Nostrovia! Poetry’s 2015 Chapbook Contest: PRESALES OPEN!!


We want as many of you as possible to have access to incredible writing and gorgeous covers, no matter your financial situation. As such, we’re using a “Pay What You Can + $5 Shipping” model for easy distribution.

Unsurprisingly, our store’s interface wasn’t too keen on “just enter whatever,” so we’ve gone and included a range of prices for every chapbook. If for some reason the amount you’d prefer isn’t listed, just contact us and we’ll add it!

So during this presale period, our recommended price is ~$5 per chapbook (or all three for $12), though we’re fine with you selecting something else if needed. We certainly appreciate your generosity, as we’ll be using all sales from this store to help contribute toward subsequent print runs and promotion.

Your support and love means so much to us ❤

Presales are available for the winning chapbooks through Nostrovia! Poetry’s store front here. Descriptions of the publications are below.


August Smith’s “Bird Lizard Horse” is a poetry collection with intelligence and depth, leading us to a mournful series from which the collection draws its name.

“August Smith is a child telling the truth. Sometimes the truth is he has to listen to the voices of various creatures he’s killed speak to him reproachfully, and he shares that with us, because wouldn’t we all? Parties abound in this collection and reading it feels like being invited. You can tell Smith wants you there.” –Matthew Rohrer


Bob Schofield’s “Moon Facts” is a wild sequence packed full of surreal imagery and unexpected moods to remind us of the unending complexity in everyone’s favorite lunar friend.

“After reading Moon Facts by Bob Schofield you will be terrified when THE MOON visits your garden or picnic or night. You’ve probably attended MOON festivals your entire life and never known any facts about THE MOON except the facts THE GOVERNMENT printed on your cereal boxes. Your government is lying to you about THE MOON. Bob Schofield is not a liar. He wants to help you understand THE MOON.”  –Chad Redden

“Bob Schofield knows the truth: facts are subjective, contradictory, fluid, incomprehensible, absurd. He sits us down one evening and gives us a lesson on reality. We learn that what we think of as the real world is a fable he half remembers from childhood. He tells us this fable in a binary code where each zero is a moon.”  –Jackson Nieuwland, editor of LEFT


Sarah Xerta’s “Juliet (II)” continues the powerful series of its title character as she reflects upon her life’s journey with unflinching, lyrical sincerity.

“…This powerful continuation to 2014’s JULIET (I) is written in second person since “you don’t know who that girl is. You call her Juliet because she is dead,” & this has the effect of both exposing the profound disembodiment that accompanies trauma and sublimating the autobiographical to clear a space in which Juliet becomes a sort of everywoman, or everyperson, of survival. Stunning, unforgettable, and nauseatingly real, Sarah Xerta’s words make the kind of poems you’d gather up in your arms to hold, if physical intimacy were still an option.” –Sonya Vatomsky

If you’re interested in providing reviews, please contact us (nostroviachapbooks[at]gmail[dot]com). Every person who gets their review posted will be thanked with a free print copy, which are being produced by Craig Mullins at Bottlecap Press. Craig has been wonderful to work with, as we’ve spent a ton of time adjusting printing specs to best showcase these winning chapbooks!

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Christopher Morgan is a Lebanese American prose poet who grew up in Detroit, the Bible Belt of Georgia, and the San Francisco Bay Area, where he currently lives and co-manages Nostrovia! Press. The author of two chapbooks, “Shadow Songs” (Sad Spell Press 2015) and “Fables with Fangs” (Ghost City Press 2016), and the Reviews Coordinator at Alien Mouth, his work has been published at Gargoyle, A cappella Zoo, Voicemail Poems, Bartleby Snopes, DOGZPLOT, and Fruita Pulp, among others. He loves hiking in the redwoods, aphorisms, and happy hour margaritas.

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