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Nostrovia! Poetry’s 2015 Chapbook Contest: Second Print Run + THANK YOU + Other Updates!

After a busy week of packaging + making trips to the post office, all orders placed by last week have been shipped! Lots of you are receiving your copies soon (if not already!), so be sure to send us pictures of your smiling faces with your chapbooks 😀

We’ve also been blown away YET AGAIN by your collective support–after only one month, we’ve found homes for our entire 1st print run (75 of each collection)! Since we know some of you didn’t get a chance, we’ve already ordered a second, smaller print run for all three collections. So we should be able to ship the next batch of chapbook orders in ~1.5 weeks or so.

At this time my partner in crime, Jeremiah, is riding toward the NYC Poetry Festival via bus, hauling along Books & Shovels, his traveling bookstore. We can’t wait to share videos and photos of August, Bob, and Sarah as they perform from their winning chapbooks on stage.

And now, with most of the hard work done, I wanted to take a moment to give some special thanks to everyone who helped make this project possible:

Nostrovia! Writers
For starts, none of this would have happened without you writers. All +80 folks who submitted in just 48 hours reinforced our suspicions that our whole community is eager for a place to champion our work! And special thanks to our outstanding finalists, who showed nothing but tact and ongoing support during this contest.

I was really blown away by all the love from the review-writing community. Specifically, I’d love to thank Beyza Ozer, Dalton Day, Katie Burke, Matthew Sherling, and Beach Sloth for their reviews, as well as Chad Redden, Jackson Nieuwland, Sonya Vatomsky, Juliet Escoria, Matthew Rohrer, and Waka Flocka Flame for their perfect + timely back-cover blurbs.

Mark Cugini
I love, love Big Lucks, and all the great things Mark does to create a safe place for others and their writing, all the while promoting a more healthy diversity in the community. I was already really impressed with The BEST PRIZE, and at AWP 2015, I learned so much from Mark during a panel on Small Press DYI Publishing.

Kyle Harvey
When Jeremiah and I first discussed cover art, I immediately thought of Kyle, remembering his excellent broadsides + work at Fruita Pulp. Creating *gorgeous* cover designs after reading the winning manuscripts, Kyle went above and beyond, offering design advice + handling our cover’s layout while we experimented with different appearances.

CA Mullins
I’ve been long impressed with Craig’s steady output at Bottlecap Press, and knew his passion for customizing beautiful printed artifacts. With Nostrovia! Poetry and Bottlecap Press already being long-time allies, Craig wowed me with his flexibility and professionalism while we remixed the specs again and again, always trying to find the best dimensions for properly showcasing each writer’s work.

RJ, Megan, Katherine, Karsten, SB, Justin, Josh, E. Kristin, Isobel, and Darshana
Wow–special thanks to these ten awesome people for being the first to support our little online store. Your support means so much to us!

Sarah, Bob, and August
I cannot describe how wonderful it’s been to work with these three talented, giving, and utterly inspiring people. As I deeply admire each of these three, whether it be for their writing that moves me or the ways they express their life’s mission in the world, I was consistently humbled to work with Sarah, August, and Bob. They saw what we saw in this whole crazy thing, and embraced the mission wholeheartedly! Truly a pleasure, A+, 10/10, would work with again 😉

Jeremiah Walton
Of course I have to give an enormous shout-out to my brother and partner-in-crime. As the founder of Nostrovia! Poetry, Jeremiah welcomed me into his press with open arms, trusting me every step of the way + sharing whatever resources he’d acquired. Even when he was busy with all the other N!P obligations (manning the travelling bookstore, organizing F.A.L.D, cleaning up the website, or just co-driving our hype machine–let alone trying to find a stable charge for his phone or laptop!), Jeremiah has always been there, making himself available, jumping in ASAP to get stuff done and kick ass.

Samantha Kennedy
I have to give a special shoutout to my loving partner–thank you, Sam, for taking care of me while I stressed the fuck out, or for being understanding of all the evenings I spent staring at my computer screen beside you. Thank you for believing in me and this mission, and for being proud of the result ❤ LOVE YOU ❤

Here’s to next year everybody!! Remember, we still have ~25 copies left for each chapbook, and our writers made some INCREDIBLE video poems (worth rewatching over and over), so check them out! And if you receive your order, please send us a picture (tag us on any social media)


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