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Accepting Chapbook/Novella/Creativity Submissions: Bottlecap Press

bottlecap press

Good news, everyone! Bottlecap Press is currently on the hunt for new submissions! Primarily, we’re looking for chapbook to novella sized projects (~25-100 pages), and are accepting both poetry and prose. We’re also interested in comic book submissions and illustrated works. Above all, we’re looking for books that strike us as being entirely new. If you suspect we’ve never read anything like it before, it could be the book for us! Just send your projects on over to, and we’ll give them a look :D”

from the Bottlecap Press site

Conceived by C.A. Mullins in 2014, Bottlecap Press seeks writing that rejects the mainstream literary trends.  There is a focus here on create more consume less.  Bottlecap works with their writers to individualize the publishing process & create a more intimate connection.

They’ve published a wide variety of chapbooks, from established poets to poets fresh to the lit community.  A lot of writers have had the opportunity to present themselves to the community and dig themselves craters with their impact.

Here are some of my favorite publications they’ve released:

Don’t get guided away from submitting if you have something other than a chapbook to submit.  Bottlecap is accepting serial publications, comics, novellas, among other creative ventures printers can substantiate.

$ is not the end goal.  Giving unique / experimental / & unusual literature a chance in the publishing realm is.

Read up on them before submitting.

For more information on Bottlecap Press, follow them on Tumblr / Twitter.


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