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Witch Craft & Spellbooks


Witch Craft Magazine is a beautifully designed print magazine & micro-press founded by Catch Business & Elle Nash.  Sad Spell Press releases a chapbook series called Spellbooks under Witch Craft Magazine‘s umbrella.

Today, their debut round of Spellbooks went live, including Nostrovia! co-manager Christopher Morgan’s debut chapbook “Shadow Songs”.

I’ve included reviews & tidbits regarding each of the three chapbooks below.  This series features alluring cover art by Julia Sanders.

“Shadow Songs” by Christopher Morgan


“Sometimes a person who would turn themselves inside out to take care of those they love must grapple with what they find waiting within. A tense, visceral, phantom limb of a collection — Christopher Morgan’s Shadow Songs is the sound of a home held together despite the nightmares, despite what lurks in the darkest corners of a house. Morgan’s poems are such precious windows into a heart as strong and loyal and endlessly tender as his. They shine on with defiance — Peace, in all the unspoken terror. A child’s bedside lamp brave enough to fight off a looming storm.”

-Jamie J. Mortara, “Some Planet” (YesYes Books)

Order “Shadow Songs” 

“The Filaments of Heather” by Heather Goodrich 


Heather Goodrich is a woman of detail; she gives excruciating but gentle attention to everything around her, and I, for one, am grateful. When Goodrich says someone is trying to ‘unmake her’, the feeling is familiar, painful and important. The Filaments of Heather feels like someone else’s house, one you’d like to explore. 

-Sara Sutterlin, “Baveuse” (Electric Cereal)

Order “The Filaments of Heather” 

“Phases” by Danielle Perry


One part intent. Two parts receptiveness. An absinthe-soaked sugarcube. A slice of the moon. Danielle Perry’s magic holds hands with Shirley Jackson’s Merricat and Francesca Lia Block, with stories of girls both powerful and confused. In Phases, ritual is performed to reveal, not to control – but there is undeniable power here. And if you hurry, you can watch it forming.

-Sonya Vatomsky, “Salt Is For Curing” (Sator Press)

Order “Phases


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Jeremiah Walton is wary of bios, but there's the current sign they're flying: “Jeremiah Walton is founder of Nostrovia! Press & traveling bookstore Books & Shovels. They’ve featured at the NYC Poetry Festival, Oakland Beast Crawl, San Francisco Lit Crawl, Death Rattle, the Kansas City Poetry Throwdown, Cleveland’s Guide to Kulchur: Snoetry, among other lit fests, street corners, & living rooms across the country. They loath-themselves, & are struggling to find a healthy extension of the poem that incorporates publishing. Consistently confused, & trying to make space for compassion for the parts of myself I hate.” That feels like tattooing "love me" across my neck, but hopefully you get to know me thru my poems, not the accolades that are nothing more than memories to let go of.

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