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“Welcome to the New Hallelujah”

INTERVIEW: Adam Tedesco of Drunk In A Midnight Choir

Dirty Chai

by erica joy

DMCDrunk In A Midnight Choir Volume 1: Welcome To The New Hallelujah is a bit like Christmas dinner.

There is an aesthetically pleasing blend of voices, perspectives, and styles. You’ll find evidence of conscious word choice—concise when necessary, verbose when appropriate. Each piece is deliberately arranged.

Pour some editorial gravy over the whole thing, and one bite gives you a little taste of everything.

And if you find any of these themes intriguing…

going away / coming back
hometown / hometown heroes
illusion / perception
process, all of the processes
recognizing / celebrating / acknowledging difference
secrets & secret lives
coming of age (no matter what age)

…then you are sure to find answers (also probably more questions) within the pages of DMC’s first print anthology.

I caught up with DMC editor and past Dirty Chai contributor Adam Tedesco to discuss such topics as: the tangible…

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