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A Year of Reading the World

Writer Ann Morgan set herself a challenge- to read one book from every country in the world in one year.

Ann Morgan found her book shelves to contain a massive cultural gap.  Her shelves were composed of primarily British & North American literature.

To remedy this, she put together her blog A Year of Reading the World, & wrote an appeal to the public seeking suggestions for her new reading list.  Her project was met with warm response that grew from colleagues to friends to friends of friends to strangers.

Over the course of 2012, Ann read 196 books, one for each country recognized by the United Nations + former UN member Taiwan.

She explores the reasons behind her project & how she went about accomplishing finding / reading / writing about such a staggering amount of literature in a single year thru her TEDTalk, linked to below.

This interactive map provides a visualization of her journey.

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Oi ! I’m Jeremiah Walton. For the past ~3 years I’ve been bopping around the U.S. between hitchhiking + rubber tramping, running traveling bookstore Books & Shovels + indie publisher Nostrovia! Press. My focus is in-person distribution at open mics + features + busking. Word of mouth is a fulfilling & feels to be a more intimate promotional process. I’ve featured at the NYC Poetry Festival + San Francisco Lit Crawl + Snoetry Cleveland + Beast Crawl Oakland + This Lil Lit Fest + street corners across the country. There’s a handful of my books floating around the country, but most recently is “From Here Til Utopia” (Ghost City Press). Raccoons + coyotes are my companions. Hope you dig the poems, much love, thank you❤

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