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Future Chapbook Contests & a Year in Reviews

Oi, poets! Oi, writers!

We’re preparing to move into our second annual Chapbook Contest, taking our successes & mistakes of this year to better further the publications & writers we put out.

Like last year, the contest will open in March, & there will be no submission fee.  The winners debut at the 2016 N.Y.C. Poetry Festival prior to us lugging them w/ hundreds of other books cross country w/ our traveling bookstore.  On the road, we pitch to indie bookshops as we bop + online using a ‘pay-what-you-can’ model to avoid denying anyone literature b/c of monetary incentive.

& aye, my friends, we are again not pulling the curtain away from the submission window’s dates until we are open. On the day our contest opens, we’ll post here + over at N!’s Twitter & Facebook.   The window will be open for two days.  Keep an eye on our feeds to stay in the loop. 😉


making $ for the road

Earlier this year, our 2015 Chapbook Contest winners sold out!  We’ve been swinging to new jazz & acquiring a greater outreach to promote those we publish, support, & love. Our social media + publishing + show schedule has drastically grown thru this year into next year.

We’re stoked on this, being able to share passion on a greater scale.

To celebrate, we made all three collections available free as PDFs.  We’re incredibly proud to have worked with these writers, & to have had their trust invested in our ability to be a strong amp for their voices.

We’re pretty open minded to what we publish.  We dig imagery.  We dig blunt shovels.  We ❤ those writing for the voiceless, those who live up to their poems, those who are willing to bleed soul & time for their poems.


Greyhound goodbyes

A huge shout out is needed for my homie Christopher Morgan, who joined onto N! earlier this year as a writer for the Tavern, & has since become co-Manager of the entire press.  Without his dedication to our communities, I would have choked on what I’d bitten off.  The road was not the kindest this year, & balancing survival w/ publishing w/ shows across the country was a difficult task.  It still is.  But Chris is a strong spine, a great writer, & I’m grateful to say, a good friend of mine.

& much love extended to Kyle Harvey, of Fruita Pulp, for the beautiful covers & artwork blessing these publications, and to Craig Mullins, of Bottlecap Press, for working intimately w/ N! to provide quality printing to bring these words into the physical world.

Below are links to / excerpts of reviews regarding each chapbook.  If you’re gonna submit next year, please read / share these publications.  If you place a review for the publications, contact us w/ the link so we can promote you as well!

Thank you.

w/ love, cheers!

Juliet II” by Sarah Xerta

sarah xerta poetry

review by Katie Burke

“It would feel wrong to call this chapbook beautiful, but it would be a disservice to deny the way she manipulates gorgeous language to describe something so ugly. Sarah lets the subject of the chapbook, Juliet, take over. The reader is weaving through the intricacies of the kind of mess you are forced to make sense of on your own. We can’t leave the mess, it is ours now. The kind of mess where you can’t be too long with the clean up. It is on a slanted surface. There is a time limit, it is going drip.

These poems are burying something. And we are getting to watch as they gradually come to terms with the speaker’s rape, as she heals, as she mourns, and as she creates. We are introduced to Juliet, a character more in the realm of emotion, one that dances between reality and the narrator.”

read the full review at Probably Crying Review


Bird Lizard Horse” by August Smith

august smith poetry

review by Beach Sloth

“Babyhood happened to everyone. People try to forget that long ago they were mere babies. Adults are always upset by babies. They forget what it means to be a baby: the confusion, the illogical situations, the things that adults simply deem “part of life”. Babies see right through that nonsense which is why they cry. Everywhere there are plenty of things that should drive people crazy: product placement, crass consumer sensibility, etc. Yes everyone can eat fresh but the question remains: should they? If Subway is eating fresh, if Quiznos is toasty, then what is the point of doing anything. What differentiates a slogan from a lie is repetition.”

Read the full review at Beach Sloth’s


Moon Facts” by Bob Schofield

bob schofield poetry

review by Scherezade Siobhan

“Dear Bob,

In an attempt to not kill myself, I browse through tumblr and the moon shows up on my screen as a NASA gif– a cross between a diamond studded muskmelon crafted by Damien Hirst and the chiaroscuro of Caravaggio. It pulsates like the soft spot on a newborn baby’s head. On days I am wracked with depression, I watch it long enough for it to shape-shift into a series of Nat Geo videos where its entire body is curling in and out of a lunar cycle mirroring the silver cocoon of a common red apollo’s chrysalis. I stare at it long enough before I realize how ordinary and breathtaking the celluloid of this nearly clichéd satellite.

When I am sad, the moon is everywhere and is trying to hug me with hands made of your poems.”

Read the full review at Mount Island


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