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The Fifth Annual Beachies & “Best Chapbook Series”

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Oi! About 30 minutes ago, a link to 2015’s Beachies Awards hit my inbox.  We’re stoked!  Nostrovia! has been included for “Best Chapbook Series” among other amazing underground / established venues for literature.

The Beachies are an annual award series curated by notorious hardcore blogger Beach Sloth. The Beachies highlight dope writers / projects / & blogs, providing personalized award titles & descriptions sharing Beach Sloth’s thoughts & reasons for sharing.

“Best Chapbook Series: – Nostrovia! Press – I believe these guys lost a Volva Station Wagon in the middle of Kansas and lived in a yurt in Arizona. Yes, these are true statements. Strange, highly devoted to the written word they put out a few absolutely astounding chapbooks this year. I enjoyed all of them immensely. They are very dedicated to their writers, put out a lot of wonderful things and generally subscribe to the ‘support each other’ ethos. Beach Sloth is happy to know them digitally and hopes to meet them IRL next time they are nearby.”

***read the full post at Beach Sloth

We’re grateful to have received such high praises, & ready to launch into 2016 w/ another round of Chapbooks (here’s 2015’s) + some other projects we’ve had secretively simmering on the back-burners.

We’re going to go rumpus in the desert while calendars are replaced, but we’ll be back early January. Cheers!



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