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F.A.L.D Issue #12: Seeking Submissions Next Week!


Nostrovia! Press is excited to announce that our open reading period for Fuck Art, Let’s Dance Issue #012 is about to begin! It’s been a while since F.A.L.D. accepted unsolicited submissions. 2015 was a year of renovation at N!,  & F.A.L.D. solely published solicit-based issues. We’re pleased to be changing stuff up for 2016, & to re-open our doors to your submissions!

To better showcase new writers within our community, we’re moving into publishing our online magazine bi-annually.  This will give us more time to work with our writers, individualize each issue to better display their creativity, incorporate other varieties of creativity beyond poetry, & better promote accessible Passionate Living > Making a Living.

Along those lines, starting next week (and continuing until the end of February), we’re excited to consider the following:

  • Poetry (any style, length, or form, as long as there’s urgency)
  • Fiction (flash vignettes, longer stories, or something in-between)
  • Non-Fiction (personal essays, CNF stories, and hybrid forms)
  • Reviews (old favorites you feel are overlooked, or something fresh)
  • Art (photography, digital, abstract, macro, memes, and beyond)
  • Translation (N! wants to promote all voices)
  • Projects (are you working on something interesting?—we’d love to share a piece of it!)

Using the opportunities of 21st century communication, F.A.L.D. seeks to cultivate a community w/ poets + artists. Issue #012 is currently slated for release in May 2016, but dig into Issue #011, released this past June, to get a vibe for what we’re after.  Also, as is our way, there will be a few additional surprises for Issue #012!! Stay tuned for a post next week announcing that submissions have officially opened!



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