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You’re invited into August’s conceptual garden

Bird Lizard Horse“, August Smith
Reviewed by Elizabeth Mobley

bird lizard horse cover

“August Smith’s garden isn’t empty as he proclaims in the first poem of the collection. It’s overgrown with sardonic humor, ripe with Voltairean satire, and saturated with contempt at the way things are.

‘Bird Lizard Horse’ wasn’t what I thought it would be, but I loved every word. Do not pick up ‘Bird Lizard Horse’ hoping to find whimsy and pristine nature. Instead, grab a copy because Smith paints a perfectly postmodern picture, aghast with all of the dirty laundry of American consumer culture.”

Read the full review at Blotterature

“Bird Lizard Horse” sold out its print runs, but is now available as a free PDF.


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