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Seeking Visual Art / Collage / Media Submissions!


by Shane Jesse Christmass / published in F.A.L.D. #10

Fuck Art, Let’s Dance, our bi-annual zine, re-opened to submissions a couple weeks ago. Our inbox is already fat w/ text poetry submissions, & we are grateful for the folks entrusting us w/ their words, but F.A.L.D.’s belly is thin with collage / photography / mail art/ video / & visual poems!

We’ve expanded F.A.L.D.’s publishing scope to incorporate a broader variety of art forms, including the multimedia mediums above, along with essay / fiction / reviews / & non-fiction. We’re working to broaden N!’s approach to pushing Passionate Living > Making a Living, & trying to re-structure our press towards curating more than poetry is a major step.

To the cats that have already submitted songs, music videos, lsd collages, surreal .paint files, thanks for putting faith in N!’s new direction.

The submission window closes with the calender’s flip into March. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

To submit, read our Submission Guidelines.


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