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N!’s 2016 Chapbook Contest


2015 NYC Poetry Festival

Oi! At Nostrovia!, we’re stoked on how 2015’s Chapbook Contest fell together. The winning collections launched thru a 6000+ mile journey, from Oakland’s Beast Crawl to their debut at the N.Y.C. Poetry Festival (here’s how that adventure fell together), & back west to Lit Crawl San Francisco.

In-between N.Y.C. & San Francisco, we laid under a couple quiet months in New Hampshire before jumping back on the road with Books & Shovels, our traveling bookstore. From San Francisco to Santa Cruz to Monterrey, down to Tucson, & east east east to New Orleans. We kicked it around the Midwest, regrouping with homies in Kansas City before shooting to Salt Lake City, where vehicular troubles coerced us South back to the desert. I type this in a grungy lil Tucson cafe before rolling into work.

Inspired by Mark Cugini’s BEST PRIZE chapbook contest over at Big Lucks, N! kicked off our Chapbook Contest series early 2015 to prepare for its third round at the N.Y.C. Poetry Festival. This was all new to us. N! hadn’t run a project like this before.

Community response took us off guard. Over 80 submissions landed in our inbox within 48 hrs. The support we received throughout the process staggered exhausted evenings with new energy.

The year rounded out successfully with selling out the collections within months of their release! 2015’s winners are now available as free PDFs, & were awarded “Best Chapbook Series” among The Fifth Annual Beachies.  ​

We have some new jazz to bring to the table this year. Working off of last year’s template, we have new notions to expand our distribution / means of promotion to better provide an amp to the authors / artists we publish. Details will unravel as the year moves forward, but for now, the details for 2016’s contest;

2016’s Chapbook Contest

Entry is still free.

Winners debut at the 2016 N.Y.C. Poetry Festival, & have the option to represent themselves & N! on stage. They’ll also be invited to N!‘s yearly online reading.

Winners receive ~25 free author copies and will have their chapbooks shared across two small print runs.

Winners will have their chapbooks reviewed within N!‘s network of allies.

This is still a flash submission contest, meaning we do not announce the submission window dates in advance.  There is a two day window to submit upcoming in March.

The day submissions open, it will be announced via The Tavern / N!‘s Facebook + Twitter.

Full submission guidelines can be read here.

Looking forward to seeing what you all cook up for us. Cheers!


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