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The Goddess by Francesca Kritikos

The Goddess

i’m no beauty
but i’m prettier than your wife
and she won’t bite your lips like i do
so it hurts
more than it feels good but
you keep letting it happen
you always keep letting me happen
darling, the enabler’s hands are never clean
and she won’t be soft and broken
she has to pick the way mothers always do
i can do both
i’m warm if you don’t push in too deep
i’m whole if you don’t notice the scratches and
fruitripe abscesses just beneath my skin
i’m the goddess of being hit too hard
and still breathing
look at me and let me say
You poor thing
You poor thing
and believe that i’m talking about you when
i’m talking about me
i’m always talking about me

Francesca Kritikos was born & raised in Chicago. She currently studies literature and creative writing at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England. Her poetry has appeared or will appear in Witch Craft, Fur-Lined Ghettos, Alien Mouth, Lighthouse Journal, Little River, & more.

The Goddess & Francesca Kritikos are Featured Finalists of 2016’s Chapbook Contest. Read her work & our other 6 Features @ Nostrovia! Press.


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