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Compulsive Liar by Jackson Nieuwland

Compulsive Liar

I am a compulsive liar.
The previous sentence is a lie.
The previous sentence is a lie.

I told my first lie before I was even born.
They did a scan and I told them I was a boy.
I managed to keep that one going for almost 26 years.
When the truth finally came out, I was just as surprised as them.

I had forgotten the truth.
It’s not a lie if you believe it to be true
and some people will believe anything.

Everything I’ve ever said
has been contradicted by something else I’ve said.

There’s nothing wrong with changing your mind.
If no one ever changed their minds
we would all still mentally be babies.

I am 47 years old.                            That is a lie.
I work 60 hours a week                  That is a lie.
at a chair factory.                             That is a lie.
I stand the whole time.                  That is a lie.
I have six siblings.                           That is a lie.
I enjoy reading.                                 That is a lie.

Once I took a lie detector test.
It was inconclusive.
It can’t tell if you’re lying
if you can’t tell if you’re lying.

Is it a lie if they won’t accept ‘I don’t
know’ as an answer?

I began lying because I wanted people
to like me.
I didn’t think they would if I told them
the truth.
I lied by agreeing with them.
I wanted to fit in.

I don’t know who I am anymore.
The previous sentence is a lie.
The previous sentence is a lie

Jackson Nieuwland likes unicorns. They are the editor of LEFT.

Compulsive Liar & Jackson Nieuwland are Featured Finalists of 2016’s Chapbook Contest. Read her work & our other 6 Features @ Nostrovia! Press.

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