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Fuck Art, Let’s Dance Issue #012 is live!

Photo 20-02-2016, 12 32 39 PM

by Shane Jesse Christmass

Oi! Today Issue #012 of F.A.L.D. drops.

This jukebox includes collage + artist/poet features + a sewn chapbook + some Cool Skull Press + audio readings, among other jazz, and of course, poetry. We’re gonna dig into a lil teaser below, but if you want to skip-jump into the issue, here you go.

2016 has been a year of moving forward. We’ve rewired Nostrovia!‘s amps to better promote 21st century voices & accessible Passionate Living > Making a Living. We’re stoked on how this Chapbook Contest + this year’s gigs are rolling, but some of the largest changes that have occurred center around our zine Fuck Art, Let’s Dance.

Branching F.A.L.D. out beyond poetry has been a process into process into new ideas for new processes. Luckily there isn’t a comedown in sight.

Photo 20-02-2016, 1 58 10 PM

by Shane Jesse Christmass

Poets in this issue include Ctch Bsnss / Jessie Janeshek / Jenny MacBain-Stephens / Nate Maxson / Soeun Seo / Meg Tisinger / Sonya Vatomsky / Adrienne Veronese / Rosalie Wilmot / Amie Zimmerman, along with Marshall Harris, our Featured Poet hitting us up from Boise, I.D..

We have some flash fiction from Ren Martinez, a review by Christopher Morgan of “Else If ()” by Cameron Decker (Cool Skull Press 2016), a sewn chapbook by N.Y.C. artist Elena Berriolo, & a dope mixtape of music + “publisher that won’t waste your time” for ya’ll to dig into. & shout out to Shane Jesse Christmass for putting together digital art specific to F.A.L.D.!

Throw in some collages by MaryAnn McCarra-Fitzpatrick, and artwork from Carabella Sands + Minseon Kim, all adding needed texture to the issue, & F.A.L.D. #012 is a step we’re proud to be taking forward.

A lot of work went into this issue, from both us & the processes the artists went thru to create content. We hope you dig it.

[ read Issue #012 here ]

w/ love, cheers!



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