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2016 Chapbook Contest: Week 7 Review

Hi everyone! I haven’t posted in a few weeks since I haven’t had many cool updates, and I didn’t want to repeat myself over and over (yet ANOTHER week of line edits, etc) 🙂 but as we approach the end of May I have a lot of news to share!

Cover Art

After distilling Chuck’s notes, I shared the results with each of the writers, prioritizing their specific feedback at the top, but also including the notes for the other two writers in case something appealed to them. Sometimes cover art was an immediate match. Other times I had to go back to Chuck with feedback to begin the search anew 😉

But as of now, each of the writers have not only picked a cover that really resonates with them and their writing, but Chuck and I have also circled back with the 3 artists, getting their confirmation for our project. So now I’m working to get high-res images for the covers (2 down, 1 to go)–I’m shooting to share the covers next week, so stay tuned! ❤


I’m proud to say I’ve been working my ass off learning InDesign in order to produce the cover spreads–I’ve always felt the least comfortable with the design-side of publishing, so it’s good to be working on that 🙂 I’ve been running the covers by the writers over and over, making lots of little adjustments to get them right. Italics vs bold vs small caps, etc. And I’m very proud of the results!! It’s funny that InDesign can take so much longer than Microsoft Word to do something simple… but then again, you’ll have the ability to customize literally every aspect of what you’re working with, so in the end it pays off. And special thanks to August Smith for passing along an incredible tutorial, and to Elle Nash for her own sharp insights ❤

Excerpts + Blurbs

As of now, all three writers have excerpts decided, which have been loaded into their cover spread. And initial back-cover blurbs are nearly finished (two writers are completely done, and we’re just waiting on some final blurbs). Hurrah!

Working w/ Bottlecap Press

I’ve also been talking a lot with CA Mullins, too. One of the chaps, for example, has much wider lines than the others, and we discussed a few ways to accommodate this–looks like we’ll be playing with paper dimensions again this year 😉

And as of yesterday(!), the tentative files have been sent to Bottlecap Press to begin print proofs. I always want to make sure everything is looking good for the chapbooks, and proofs help you spot layout or readability issues that might otherwise sneak past proofreading. Big thanks to Bottlecap Press for being so flexible as I update and update files and changes 😉

Currently all three chapbooks are finished for their interiors! Very proud of the writers for working hard to get this done ❤ And cover spreads are nearly finished (just need to load final blurbs + update one of the covers to high-res and we’re done).


Now that we have review copies ready for the chaps, I’d love to hear from you! I’m handling reviews the same way I did last year: hit me up and I’ll send you a PDF for now. If you end up writing a review and getting it posted, I will happily mail you a print copy as a thank you!

And I’d like to send some extra love to Beyza Ozer of Probably Crying Review + the good folks at Blotterature + the legendary Beach Sloth for already stepping forward to help–your support of N!P is noted and greatly appreciated ❤

But yeah, hit me up on Twitter, Tumblr, etc, and I’ll get you setup 🙂


Starting next month, presales for our 2016 chapbooks will officially open! Like last year, we’ll be doing a “pay-what-you-can” system to ensure money doesn’t get in the way of sharing great literature.

Also, our writers are currently working on videos, reading a few pieces from their chaps–we’ll be promoting these all next month, and look forward to sharing this more intimate side of our winners.

Otherwise, see you next week!❤


We’ll have a new Tavern post each Wednesday, giving an inside look at the N! process, so stay tuned for more updates!

Here’s the Week Six Review of our Chapbook Contest (major editing)
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The Week Two Review (reading chapbooks)
The Week One Review (initial contest results)



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