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Lesley LeRoux on “Phases” by Danielle Perry

“While you may not be a lover of tarot, astrology and rituals involving altars, this little poetry collection is a whimsical journey that nevertheless speaks to fairly widespread feelings of isolation, desperation, and yearning to overcome past wounds. The author lets readers in, showing them the inner thoughts and personal rituals of a narrator so eager to grow and move forward and leave the past behind.Phases is not just a meditation on witchy rituals and their power; it’s a look inside a personal quest to discover one’s true self.”


phases+color+cover.jpgJust reading the author note that precedes Danielle Perry’s Phases (Sad Spell Press), her first chapbook, is enough to spark your enthusiasm over what’s to come. She’s a tarot reader who is “generally amping up her witchiness,” and who couldn’t use more of that in the world? Of course, we wouldn’t expect anything less of a Spellbook from the publishing arm of Witch Craft Magazine.

If you’re looking for magic with words, this is where you want to look.

Perry calls her collection a “too-long exhale” on her website, but I would argue it’s equal parts inhale and exhale – a nourishing combination.

In her poems, we find curiosity, reflection, transformation, growth, and a willingness to explore. We find fear, but we also find bravery in the author’s vulnerability.

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