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But You Haven’t by Sara Adams

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But You Haven’t

Some time before daylight
In the darkness he loosened
the strain
leaned back and against
the loose ends of the reserve

He worked skillfully with one hand and
his foot as he drew knots
from each he had severed
they were all con-

After it is light, he thought,
I will have lost two hundred
good leaders.

Aloud he said, “I wish I had.”

But you haven’t. You have
only yourself and you had better work
now, in the dark or not in the dark

Sara Adams is a Montessori teacher in Portland, Oregon. Her first chapbook “Think Like a B” is a collection of erasure poems from Donald Trump’s book “Think Like a Billionaire”She has two other forthcoming chapbooks in 2016: “Poems for Ivan (Porkbelly Press) and “Western Diseases” (dancing girl press). Sara’s work appears in publications such as DIAGRAM and Queen Mob’s Teahouse.

But You Haven’t & Sara Adams are Featured Finalists of 2016’s Chapbook Contest. Read her work & our other 6 Features @ Nostrovia! Press.


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