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2016 Chapbook Contest: Week 10 Review

Hi everyone! Today we share our second video poem from the 2016 series (still more ahead), plus a quick recap of the great reviews we’ve received this last week!

Video Poem!

Very excited to share this video by Emily O’Neill, sharing two poems: “Soft Monstrosity” + “Poem for Brunch…”

Soft Monstrosity1Soft Monstrosity2PoemForBrunch1PoemForBrunch2

Both of these poems appear in “Make a Fist & Tongue the Knuckles” by Emily O’Neill, which you can preorder here

Probably Crying Review

Much love to Beyza Ozer + Isabelle Davis of Probably Crying Review for their sweet words about our 2016 Chapbook Winners:

for Elle:
“this moon doesn’t remember the first night she met me & i understand. there were so many other things going on, but for some reason i couldn’t forget it. the lake was there, laughing as always. her ripples wouldn’t stop shaking her surface & all the moon could do was reflect. it was spring & there were still christmas lights hanging from houses hidden in the trees.”

for Emily:
“chapbooks are buildings & often they are nothing more. the words can be so beautiful & i can set it down on my sofa & walk away & never think about what the words meant. not because the words are not mine, words, like, ultimately, space, are unownable, but that does not stop us from trying. nothing can stop us from trying. & what i’m trying to say is that beyond owning there is loving. these are separate entities. between houses & homes.”

for Bob:
“my friend had a misdiagnosed sleep disorder & now that it’s been correctly diagnosed she finds all the lights & sounds associated with computers, with facebook in particular, to be too much.  she has changed, completely.  & i guess she left today to visit her dad in singapore.”

Read the full reviews here

Beach Sloth

And much love to the ever-blogging Beach Sloth for sharing these kind words about our chaps:

“Things are just nothings. People hurt each other with these things hurt themselves with these things yet are charged in full for the privilege. Bodies swim through these things, dresses, various articles of clothing. Cleanliness can’t happen with such stuff as the stuff loses importance as it increases in scope and size. Hunger for wisdom refuses to accept materialism as an answer. Wonderlands are surprisingly sparse for some for the right ones. Sin too can be awfully minor to count as sin.”

Read the rest for Emily O’Neill here

“A look back does its worst. Bad times, good times, they flood into the memory depending on a person’s emotional state. Sad times can overwhelm long after they have passed. Hope exists within those memories, the bad ones, that perhaps they can be avoided. But few are ever amply prepared for what the world will bring them, whether a plethora of unicorns and unique experiences, more of the same thing over and over again, etc.” 

Read the rest for Bob Sykora here

“Identities are everything. A person can find many identities which suit them ideally. No one is limited. Possibilities are endless. The animalistic instincts of a person never subside they are there to all degrees. Consumption happens in a consumerist society: of art of leisure of love.”

Read the rest for Elle Nash here

Otherwise, sales are still rolling along. Be sure to get your first edition copy while they’re still available!

Much love, and see you next week!❤


We’ll have a new Tavern post each Wednesday, giving an inside look at the N! process, so stay tuned for more updates!

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