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Fables with Fangs & Ghost City Press

I set my shadow loose
on the playground again.
I’m sorry—never been a winner.”

-Under Control, “Fables with Fangs”

Nostrovia!‘s co-manager + Chapbook Contest editor + spinal chord Christopher Morgan drops “Fables with Fangs” today with Ghost City Press !!

fables with fangs

Fables with Fangs” is part of Ghost City‘s donation-based summer micro-chap series. 100% of the donations go directly to the writer.

Other authors apart of this series include Kevin Bertolero + Zooey Ghostly + Catch Business + Emily Sipiora + Alexandra Naughton + Mallory Smart +  August Smith +  C.A. Mullin + many more dope names. Their catalog lists authors & their respective publication dates as the heat passes.

She holds her lungs hostage, looking up.
Teeth glisten overhead. The wall screams.”

-The Wall, “Fables with Fangs”

If you dig “Fables with Fangs,” pick up his chapbook “Shadow Songs” (Sad Spell Press 2015).




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