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Lando Chill : “Early In The Morning”

by Jordan C.

“While he was born and raised it in Chicago, it wasn’t until Lando moved to Tucson for college that he caught the music bug. After being cast as a musician in a peer’s short film, he was asked to write a rap for it. The short verse ended up being the highlight of the film, which lead to another song and video with the same director, who was eager to capture more of this dreadlocked, red-eyed master of ceremony’s magic. The outcome was ‘Stay Gold,’ a cut with intricate wordplay and a cinematic video that garnered industry attention and put him on the radar of Mello of Mello Music Group. After signing with the prolific label, Lando dropped ‘Coroner,’ a song that reaffirms that this guy is really onto something.

Today, Mass Appeal is premiering Lando Chill’s new jazzy single, ‘Early In the Morning.’ The sparse piano, slinky guitar, and Lando’s crooning make for the perfect chilled-out backdrop for summer.


We are also proud to announce Lando’s debut album, For Mark, Your Son. The 12-song opus is a tribute to Lando’s father, who passed away when he was just three years-old, and includes the dope singles ‘Coroner’ and ‘Early In the Morning.’ The album drops on August 12, 2016, but you can preorder it now via Bandcamp or iTunes.

Below, we pick Lando’s brain about his Star Wars based name, where his unique sound stems from, the super catchy hook from ‘Coroner,’ and much more.”

jeff weber photography

photo by Jeff Weber

Mass Appeal: Let’s start by clarifying the name. I know you got a band. So, is that the name of the band or your name or both? And what’s behind the name? Are you a big Star Wars fan?

Lando Chill: Lando Chill is my name. Last summer, I started working with my bassist and guitarist and our first drummer, and I really wanted us to have an identity. But they weren’t really about that, they were kinda like, ‘This is your thing. We just want to help you create your sound and help you move along this live aspect.’ Adding a live band onto any live show, whether you’re a rapper or an R&B singer, elevates the performance. I mean, look at D’Angelo, look at Oddisee, they are elevated by their bands. I wanted to give them recognition, and so we tried some things, but settled with just going with my name. I am a huge Star Wars fan actually. My real name is Lance Washington, but Lando came about from one of my old roommates. He called me Lando. It was like, ‘Okay, that’s dope. Did you know I like Star Wars that much?'”

Read the full article & interview @ Mass Appeal

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