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“Backstage” – Ezra Letra

“Immigrant blood through the veins
The cosmos have a lease in my brain
The Feeling is strange.
Given the code but the agents they coming
Smoking the calm in abundance
Stop running
Listen this machete talk heavy gwap
Downtown knocking down doors deadly watch
Not the wrist but the look out
Enemies got coming to them what they put out
Full out
Just left the shrinks tagged schizo
They think prophets accept their diss tho
Like they my kinfolk no they reality different
How they gonna tell me I ain’t having these visions
I’m realming, been prophesized from the underworld
That voice when you still chill.
Some where far from the ghetto
Gangsters heartbreak life death novelas.
Fellas wanna gone me but I ghandi
This here a new drive soul like a car thief
And I’ve come a long way since the bottle
Since streets wanted to fill my sleep with hollows
So I had to change it
A bomb in matrix
Left but I’m back filled patience.
Face it.
Everybody backstage, who’s in the crowd
Went through a bad phase, getting used to your crowns.”


The son of first generation Colombian immigrants, Ezra Letra was born in the Hip-Hop enshrined borough of Queens. Ezra studied at The University of Arizona, where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Writing.

Dig Ezra’s music on Bandcamp + SoundCloud + Facebook

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