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Street Heroines Tags the Graff World

Official Trailer | “STREET HEROINES” A Film By Alexandra Henry


by Anne Kristoff

“Like other facets of hip hop culture, graffiti has traditionally operated as more of a boy’s club, an underground scene dominated by testosterone-laden adolescents where no girls are allowed in the clubhouse. But since the outlaw art’s inception on walls and in train yards, handfuls of women have been on the ground, chopping it up with their male counterparts. Filmmaker Alexandra Henry hopes to capture that underrepresented history with ‘Street Heroines,’ a documentary film project chronicling the ‘courage and creativity of female graffiti & street artists from around the world.’

Laying the groundwork with interviews with trailblazers such as graffiti pioneer Lady Pink and photographer Martha Cooper, Henry goes on to interview over 20 women artists (Alice Mizrachi, Danielle Mastrion, Fusca, Gilf, Magrela, Shiro, Toofly) the give the viewer an in depth perspective of what it means to be a female graffiti writer/street artist today.

A ‘Street Heroines’ Kickstarter was launched to raise to help finish the film this summer and release it in 2017. Mass Appeal reached out to Henry to hear more about the project.”

Read Anne’s full article & interview w/ Alexandra Henry @ Mass Appeal


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