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On the road, consistent inconsistency, & Nostrovia!’s origins

William James interviewed me Nostrovia! & how we kicked off, our traveling bookstore, publishing on the road, and the slur of in-betweens & processes asphalt highlights. The interview is for Drunk In A Midnight Choir‘s #SixQuestionSaturday series.

“WJ: It seems to me like Nostrovia as a collective is trying to maintain a balance between innovation and legacy; a lot of the projects you have going on seem to echo the spirit of things that were happening in literary communities in New York, San Francisco, and other major hubs in the 50’s & 60’s, but you also are holding online readings through Facebook events & webstreaming, digital chapbook downloads, and the like. Where do you think publishing is headed as time progresses, and how do you think we can continue innovating in regards to how we deliver work into the world? Do you think that a nostalgia based attachment to the past is crucial, or even beneficial? Or do you think that we as a community should be looking forward, not back?

JW: The past has left us tools to implement in future settings. How can we best encourage accessible Passionate Living > Making a Living? How can we best coordinate spaces that are safe for all backgrounds + experiences + expression? How can we operate without price tags as gatekeepers?

Being aware of the past allows you to have a larger toolbox to innovate for the future. Holding onto the past as an anchor is limiting. Staring too much into the future is blinding. There’s a balance between interacting with the two without letting either consume you.

& I have no idea how to do that! This tightrope is still slippery in the rain we can’t walk out of. We do what we think is best for self-care & our writers.


We’re in New Hampshire gathering resources for a couple months. Good ol’ call center misery. I quit. My homie quits his job. We’re hitting the road in his van.

& that van dies 10 days before we’re supposed to be at 2015’s LitQuake San Francisco. *grabs dice*

We ended up meeting our patron saint of Manchester, New Hampshire, a mechanically inclined cat who helped us find & fix up a new car.

That left us 4 days to get to San Francisco in a car with guarantees rusted out by 24 years of New England winter. We started off.

We pulled over at a rest stop in New York with our new home sputtering funky noises. While anxiously digging thru the front end without an idea what the hell I was looking at, a U-haul pulled up branded w/ “Tired of the cold? Tucson!”

We found out what was tickling our paranoias: nothing. There was nothing wrong (at that moment) & the car was just old. We made made it to the Bay with ~12hrs to spare.

When I finally crashed out, my hands were clenched like they still gripped a steering wheel.

But we made it.

That’s how a lot of this falls together. Sequences of events & people & hallucinations & miles reflect thru N!. Serendipities. It’s an omen only if we let it be an omen.”

Read the full interview at Drunk In A Midnight Choir


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