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Four Poems – Catch Business

Catch Business is the author of “GHOST GFS” (Electric Cereal, 2015) and “ABLE TO / ALWAYS WILL” (Civil Coping Mechanisms, 2016) as well as the chapbook “Bye, Product” (Be About It, 2015). She is the Founding Poetry Editor of Witch Craft Magazine and Chapbook Coordinator at Sad Spell Press.

**Shout out to Catch as a Featured Finalist of our 2016 Chapbook Contest!

“Sonnet” + “Sonnet” + “West Coast Slow” + “New Eyes,” featured below, are previously published in Fuck Art, Let’s Dance, Issue #012.


answers assuming you didn’t
commit to a number
the price of pills staggered
without anyone else to text
i can’t stop staring
into the gap of your teeth
meditating there
ego unfolded a reminder
i owe you into capsules
out loud with a loose neck
drop off half eaten sundays
pills afford us honestly
my curiosity strokes
only the you exposed to me


those golden eyes swallowed
prescription drugs and
self-consciousness my
collection of crystals
we could go anywhere
we could be interruptions
we could look forward
without seeing each other first
a canyon bed
a sweat stained hallway
wearing each like a robe
i walk thru every death we made
to explain the expanse
my limbs lengthening

West Coast Slow

morning i desire so much
your spare key you’re beautiful
i become deadly i say
in the cutest way i want to die
because idk those letters
you left me imagining myself as
words skimmed over distracted
by an idea kissing shaped
a site that won’t reload
accepting the stale fear of
nothing left i want to see
laptop light across patient skin

New Eyes

i’m a windmill in wyoming
when i wake angry
wanting you to soothe
with words unspoken
a hay pile of muscle
on the ridge of your tongue
she climbs onto it
a capturing cradle
the center of living rooms
i want to be a silver spoon
i want you to look
with flooded eyes
in the morning
limbs dew and breezed
open to angles
rearranged by eyelashes


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