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F.A.L.D. #012 Featured Poet : Marshall Harris

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Marshall busking

Marshall Harris is a piece of moon rock currently residing in Boise, Idaho. He is a three-time National Poetry Slam competitor, including one finals stage appearance, a competitor in the 2013 Individual World Poetry Slam, and a member of the board of Death Rattle Writer’s Festival, a writing festival in the Northwest focusing on exposing and recognizing literature from a variety of experiences, contexts, and mediums. He has been published in Voicemail Poems, Drunk In A Midnight Choir, and Little River. He wants to pet your dog.

Marshall our Featured Poet for Fuck Art, Let’s Dance Issue #012. His interview w/ Christopher Morgan highlights Boise’s poetry scene, athletics, and feeling good writing > tightening measuring tape.

A True Story

Okay so the alarm went off/ so motorcycles are expensive/ just like drinks/ only being drunk on velocity is slightly more dangerous / okay so you kicked over a row/ of my teeth/ with your/ whatever it is you do/ okay so the alarms are going off and we are running away from two in the morning like the moon running for the mountains/ okay so the alarms are going off/ and we’re in your apartment/ laughing about motorcycles like they’re beer cans/ your apartment is filled with beer cans/ I am filled with streetlights/ every time I talk you light up and I light up and I just want to know where we came from/ I just want to know why we didn’t steal motorcycles/ why is it every time you or I find something that could work we’d rather knock it over in public than use it for its intended purpose/ it’s okay though/ the alarm is still going off/ it’s always going off/ I’m just one giant alarm/ I hope you can sleep through the ringing



home alone/bring ropes
do we touch/each other/when we find
our bodies/being separate
feel through/showers


you/ache me
with sigh/exhale as yours
like a body/becomes mine
again when/you use it
when i know/it’s working


lower back/curve like sharp
moon/my history
in hips like/war
a broken wrist/new sighs


down/so I can/rise


you first/I’ll listen
your/shirt in


me/a new


lips/parted as/command
use touch/to hold
to come/as command
use sharp/to grab
as command/to come
to come/come here

“A True Story” + “Use” are both previously published in Fuck Art, Let’s Dance Issue #012.


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